Melissa Fritchle, LMFT

Holistic Psychotherapy in Santa Cruz

TISPT Certification Online Portion

January - Trauma Foundations With Holistic Lens

Reading : Herman Ch 1&2, Haines Ch 1

Article By Stephen Porges

Video of Body Scan with Staci Haines

Trauma Symptom Inventory (Briere et al, 1995)

Interview with Ling Lam PhD on Poly Vagal Theory (30min) Listen


February – Sex Positive Foundations & Consent

Reading : Herman Ch 3, Haines Ch 2-4

Emily Nagoski TED Talk

Lehmiller Article on Sexual Interest Research

Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent multiple videos 

Interview with Jaeleen Bennis, creator of Bondassage (45min) Listen


March - Connecting & Intimacy 

Reading : Herman Ch 7 & 8, Haines Ch 7 & 8 

Charlie Glickman article on Sexual Energy

Charlie Glickman on Pleasure Mapping


April - Diversity, Identity & Culture 

Reading : Herman Ch 5 & 6, Haines Ch 11

Article on Safe Sex for Same Sex Partners

Racial Diversity & Representation In Sexuality Field


May - Critical Thinking Skills in Assessing Research & Media 

Reading :

Video (50 min) Watters on Global Psych Diagnosis


June - BDSM & Kink 

Reading: Herman Ch 9 & 10, Haines Ch 12 & 13

Article Aftercare for Doms

Article on Feelings During Threesomes


July - Compulsivity and Harmful Sexual Behaviors

Reading : Herman Ch 11, Haines Ch 16 & 17 

Article on Ineffective Nature of Repressing Sexual Thoughts

Article on Sexual Predators & Treatment


August - Body Diversity, Sexual Pain & Differently Abled

Reading : Haines Ch 15

Article on Talking to Health Care Providers About Sexual Pain

Article on Obesity


September - Self Care & Joyful Sexual Self Expression

Reading : 

Staci Haines Video on Wellness (great resource for clients)