Melissa Fritchle, LMFT

Holistic Psychotherapy in Santa Cruz

Trauma-Informed Sex Positive Therapy Certification Program

Trauma-Informed Sex Positive Therapy Certification Program 

Next Cohort Starts January 2020! 

I believe we can do better for our clients, and our communities, with a foundation of informed, inclusive, holistic approaches to sexual health. Providing therapy that truly addresses both the wounds of sexuality and the pleasures in an incredibly, beautifully diverse world. This intensive training will bridge the gap between fields of trauma work and sex-positive approaches so that you be prepared to value the role sex plays in your unique client’s lives and to effectively, compassionately support them in creating change and healing. Join us for this 9 month certification training for mental health professionals.  Provides 36 Nationally Recognized CEs for LMFT, LPCC, & LCSW through co-sponsor Commonwealth Educational Seminars. 

Learning Objectives :

Recognize and honor multi-directional influences on clients’ sexual issues and sexual health

Utilize the Holistic Client-Focused Assessment Model for Sexual Health

Establish current understanding of trauma, PTSD, and effective treatments & how they relate to the spectrum of sexual diversity

Increase critical thinking skills in regards to trends and controversies related to sex and how they affect clients

Gain skills to support clients in working towards a goal of sexual pleasure and satisfaction as a part of healing from trauma or other diagnosis

2020 Dates to be Announced

Module One  

 Holistic Understandings of Trauma                                                          Poly Vagal Theory                                                                            Types of Trauma :Personal, cultural, inter generational,                       attachment, oppression/discrimination, ancestral                              Relational Factors of Trauma

 Holistic Client-Focused Sexual Health Assessment

 Intersectionality of trauma

 Disassociation in sex & therapy

 Re-owning trauma vs re-traumatizing in Intense Sexual Play

 New understandings of Sexual Desire & Response Cycles

 Consent & Safe Exploration 


Module 2 : 

Trauma Recovery Work : Phases of Trauma Work with Sexual Skill Building

Somatic Resourcing

Attachment & Therapeutic Relationship Dynamics

Sexual Diversity & Cultural Trauma                                                                                                                   Effects of discrimination, invisibility, oppression, threatened & experienced violence                                       Defining Desires, preferences, fetishes, discrimination

 Sexual Identity Development Models/Theories & interaction with Trauma History

Module 3 : 

Trauma & Couples Work: Attachment Trauma & Sexual dynamics

Treating Compulsivity & Out of Control Sexual Behaviors

Inclusivity & Body Diversity 

Sexual Pain Disorders & Effective Treatment

Supporting Clients with Disabilities or Illness

Self Care & Vicarious Trauma 



Open to licensed and pre-licensed (with interview) mental health professionals. Coaches with Sex Coaching background are welcome

All weekends to be held in Santa Cruz, CA at Best Western Capitola-By-The-Sea Inn & Suites. Room discount available for attendees

Cost for full certification : To be announced   

Program includes : 36+ hours in person training with CEs, monthly phone meetings with case consultation (times to be decided by group), one private consult call with Melissa Fritchle, training manual, certificate upon completion

We seek to ensure equitable treatment of every person and the training facility is handicap accessible. To request accommodations for special needs or to report or address grievances, please email and we will, to the best of our ability, take corrective action in order to prevent further problems

Email Melissa if you are interested in getting on the list for the 2020 training