Melissa Fritchle, LMFT

Holistic Psychotherapy in Santa Cruz

Body as Guru Offerings


 "Trade your cleverness for wonder." - RUMI

 Embodied Mindfulness 

As a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, I blend trauma-informed mindful awareness into all of my work. I believe becoming more awake to the present moment in our self and the world around us enhances our life and our capacity to respond authentically. Embodying our mindfulness means bringing sensation into focus, moving, touching, breathing as means to connect to our body and what it means to be human, and accepting our body as a teacher and our form of experience and explore at this time. And Embodied Mindfulness is key to my Pleasure Advocacy & Transformational Pleasure offerings. 



Embodied Writing 

My Embodied Writing groups combine mindfulness exercises to get us centered in our own experience, with writing prompts designed to deepen our conversation with and experience of our unique bodies. Witnessing and sharing provides reflection and community. These are not talk therapy groups, so we are not discussing or criticizing what we write or hear. Instead we trust the writing as an expressive art to be the primary means of self exploration and processing. 


Weekly Tuesdays, 9-10:30am PST online - rolling admittance at beginning of the month until full, $20 a session. Email Melissa if interested in joining 


Eco Therapy

We are a part of nature, our bodies natural expressions of life. Although we are often encouraged to forget this in the rush of life, encouraged to treat our body like a machine, the seasonality of nature as an inconvenience, and our intuitive desire for wonder as a distraction. Come back to yourself while coming back to your connection to the natural world around you.