Melissa Fritchle, LMFT

Holistic Psychotherapy in Santa Cruz

Covid-19 Changes 2020

Hello cherished clients and community - 

I am honored to be a part of your lives in this time when so much is unknown. Shifting and changing and creating new normals together is the work. 

Right now, my best guess is that we will be in an extended period of physical distancing with isolation being the safest choice for many. If we enter into a phase of contract tracing, then intermittent unplanned periods of quarantine may become a part of our lives.

I prioritize creating safety for you, our community, and myself so will be closing my Soquel office for the time being and working online with tele therapy. This seems like the best way to provide continuity of sessions through the ongoing changes. My commitment is to provide great quality video sessions. If you don't want to work through a screen, I will do my best to facilitate referrals once other therapists in the area are working in person again. 

I am planning to have an option for in-person meetings, as health guidelines allow, by late 2020. And I am training in EcoTherapy so that I can provide outdoor sessions with individuals and couples later this year as well! 

Wishing us all health and happiness. - Melissa