Melissa Fritchle, LMFT

Holistic Psychotherapy in Santa Cruz

TISPT Certification Online Portion

January - Trauma Foundations With Holistic Lens

Reading : Herman Ch 1&2, Haines Ch 1

Article By Stephen Porges

Video of Body Scan with Staci Haines

Trauma Symptom Inventory (Briere et al, 1995)

Interview with Ling Lam PhD on Poly Vagal Theory (30min) Listen


February – Sex Positive Foundations & Consent

Reading : Herman Ch 3, Haines Ch 2-4

Emily Nagoski TED Talk

Lehmiller Article on Sexual Interest Research

Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent multiple videos 

Interview with Jaeleen Bennis, creator of Bondassage (45min) Listen


March - Connecting & Intimacy 

Reading : Herman Ch 7 & 8, Haines Ch 7 & 8 

Keep working with Betty Martin's videos

Charlie Glickman article on Sexual Energy

Charlie Glickman on Pleasure Mapping


April - Diversity, Identity & Culture 

Reading : Herman Ch 5 & 6, Haines Ch 11

Audio on Intersectionality and Trauma (20 min) 

Interview with Dr Rae Johnson on Embodied Oppression & Social Justice Listen

Article on Safe Sex for Same Sex Partners

Racial Diversity & Representation In Sexuality Field

Resources for Abuse in Poly Relationships

MF Audio : Exercise on Identities


 May - Critical Thinking Skills in Assessing Research & Media 

Reading : all online

Video (50 min) Watters on Global Psych Diagnosis

TED Talk Ben Goldacre on drug testing

Interview with Ben Goldacre on Bias in Research (definitely trying to turn you on to Bad Science)

False Claims for Evidence-Based Treatment 

Current News : 

Article on how a con man became a Sex Expert

David Ley article on the Rise of Fake Sexperts


June - BDSM & Kink 

Reading: Herman Ch 9 & 10, Haines Ch 12 & 13

Interview with Dr Anna Randall of TASHRA on kink awareness & advocacy Listen

article on history of psychology & kink 

Article Aftercare for Doms

Article on Feelings During Threesomes

Resources on Kink Aware practices 


July - Compulsivity and Harmful Sexual Behaviors

Reading : Herman Ch 11, Haines Ch 16 & 17 

Watch Video with Douglas Braun- Harvey on Treating Out of Control Sexual Behaviors

Article on Ineffective Nature of Repressing Sexual Thoughts

Article on Sexual Predators & Treatment

Sexual Symptom Assessment Tool

Hypersexual Behavior Consequences Scale


August - Body Diversity, Sexual Pain & Differently Abled

Reading : Haines Ch 15

Conversation with Dr Aimee Shunney, ND on Integrative Approaches to Sexual Pain Listen

Article on Talking to Health Care Providers About Sexual Pain

Article on Obesity

Great article on Trans people's right to pleasure


September - Self Care & Joyful Sexual Self Expression

Reading : 

Staci Haines Video on Wellness (great resource for clients)

Web resource and article by Jessica Shaffer