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Workshops and Retreats


Workshops & Retreats


Upcoming Workshops:

 Coming together in a group offers rich opportunities explore and discover new aspects of yourself and your relationships. Being witnessed and hearing other’s stories can be a powerful way to change your perspective and initiate something new. I have a depth of experience leading groups that are experiential and will engage your body, mind, emotions, and soul. Some workshops I co-lead with other healing professionals who I admire and who inspire me.


 Upcoming Workshops :

Pleasure as Healing : How Your Sexuality Can Support Your Trauma Healing

March 7, 2020 12:30 - 4:30pm in Santa Cruz, $100 with sliding scale options                                

Join us for this afternoon workshop where we will focus on the gifts of pleasure as a catalyst for personal healing and empowerment. Be invited to develop a trusting relationship with your unique sexual self, to look to your body’s sense of pleasure as a helpful guide, and to celebrate your healing journey as one that includes a right to sexual happiness all along the way.
Using inspirational education about sex, trauma, and our bodies, guided visualization, individual journaling, and group energy, we will create a space to identify for yourself where in your life you find pleasure now and what you want from your sexuality going forward.

Open for anyone excited to take a sex-positive approach to their healing and to support others in finding their own sex-positive path to healing.

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Private Couple’s Intensive Retreats :

 Couple’s intensive retreats are a chance to do focused work together to shift things in your relationship. Get away from the daily obligations in a vacation setting and do couple’s therapy that is private and geared specifically to your concerns. You come for 2-3 days and we spend 6 or more hours together in sessions. You will also have time to explore together, reconnect and relax in beautiful Santa Cruz and leave with changes that will enhance your relationship for years to come.


Intensives with Melissa are great for:

*Those who want to restart & reconnect

*Couples who have felt stuck in the same patterns

*Couples at a turning point who need to find the next step

*Couples at the beginning of a commitment who want tools to be successful

*Couples looking to increase their intimacy and sexual energy

*People renegotiating open relationship or monogamy agreements

*People who find group workshops intimidating or uncomfortable         

Your Intensive includes

-         A pre-intensive phone consultation

-         At least 6 hours session time

-         Explorations to try during your intensive time

-         A practical take-home plan

-         Consultation with your local couple’s therapist, if you request

 Melissa offers limited Intensives each year, so plan to schedule in advance.