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Trainings for Professionals


 Melissa is a rockstar instructor! She is very knowledgeable, well-prepared, supportive, and thorough. I look forward to taking any course with her.

This talk changed my life. It was a synchronistic, helpful, and inspiring.

Melissa Fritchle is one of the best most supportive, intelligent, soulful instructors I have ever had.


 In Person Trainings:

Relationship Repair After Infidelity 

Friday August 10, 6-9pm, Saturday August 11 9am-5pm at John F. Kennedy University, San Jose campus

It is estimated that nearly 20% of divorces cite infidelity as the main reason for the split. Even more couples will come to couple’s therapy to address issues stemming from one or both partners breaking monogamy vows. And yet, many couple’s therapists feel overwhelmed by the intensity during the early crisis phase with clients, unclear how to help clients process what has happened, and unprepared to support clients in creating a new phase of relationship with monogamy agreements that will work for them. This seminar will give tools for addressing each of these phases of recovery from a betrayal. It will also invite discussion on how we define monogamy, how we can set clients up to succeed in long term relationships, and how our own beliefs about love and commitment and infidelity may be affecting our work with clients. (available to current students and alumni of JFK, alumni ask for reduced alumni audit fee) 

 Effective Therapy with Reactive Couples

Saturday Sept 22, 9:30am - 4pm                                                                                                  Offered through Shine a Light Counseling Center, Held at Santa Cruz Center for Non-Violence          $80 (5 CA BBS CE hours) 

Sessions with angry, blaming couples are frequently described as the hardest, most intense for therapists. In fact, these emotionally volatile sessions can drive therapists away from doing couples work. In this training, experienced couple’s therapist Melissa Fritchle will offer effective techniques for interrupting the reactive dynamic, getting to the “softer” emotions and inviting personal responsibility. The impact of trauma, attachment styles, and personality disorders will be addressed. She will also discuss ways to tend to our own counter-transference and also maintain boundaries by taking a proactive leadership role with couples and what to do when couple’s therapy is not indicated.

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 Live Online Trainings:

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 Online Trainings Available Anytime, Anywhere :

Supporting Families When Kids are Becoming Sexually Active 

Offered Through AAMFT $35 

Facing the realities of a child's sexuality can be difficult for any parent. As therapists, people turn to us for guidance on how to manage this aspect of parenting and family life. In this webinar Sex Therapist & Educator Melissa Fritchle will discuss developmental sexuality in the context of our modern life so that we can help parents be positive and proactive as their children grow into adulthood. She will outline some of the current topics families may face such as, masturbation, porn, consent, gender, STDs, birth control, abstinence. Providing diverse sex positive-therapy means focusing on ways to support parents clarify and articulate their own ethics, fears, and hopes regarding their children's sexuality, while always considering our own counter-transference and mythologies so that we can be more effective. 

 Working With Sexual Desire in Couples Therapy

 Offered Through AAMFT      $35

The most common sexual complaint clients will bring to couples therapy is low sexual desire, for one or both partners. And yet, many therapists feel at a loss in how to address this complex issue and the relational fallout that can occur for couples after years of a struggling sex life. In this webinar, Ms. Fritchle will look at the newest diagnostic features for low desire and talk about the discrepancies in how to define low desire at all. Ms. Fritchle will outline a holistic sexual assessment that takes into account the interrelated physical, social, spiritual, and mental aspects that can impact desire. She will address common dynamics seen in couples related to low desire, including non-sexual couples, and how to support them in seeking change.  

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Working with Polyamory & Open Relationships

Offered through Sexology University Expert Courses           $399

This course will prepare you to work with clients who are exploring or already engaged in non-monogamous relationship agreements. With the prevalence of divorce and infidelity in our culture, many people are looking for different answers in how to have relationships with integrity. Being familiar and comfortable with the diversity in polyamory and the choices your clients may make is important. Through this course you will learn the basics of different styles and approaches to polyamory, how to help clients establish effective and honest agreements, how to talk about jealousy and safer sex options, and important concepts and terms used in poly communities.

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Professional Consultations:

 I offer private consultations with therapists and health professionals. Do you want to work more holistically with your clients? Do you want to feel more inspired and empowered to create change? Do you want to expand your healing practice to include more depth in the areas of sex and relationships? We can schedule your private consultation as a phone session or in my office. I charge $100/hour for consultations; you can talk about as many cases as you like.