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Melissa Fritchle, MA

Holistic Psychotherapy & Couples Therapy

Sex Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Appointments available in the Santa Cruz area 831 471-5797

CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #46827

Therapy Approach

If I were to pick one theme that runs through all of my therapy work, it would have to be Empowerment. I believe completely in people’s abilities to change their own lives. In whatever age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or culture we feel we belong to –we have the power to decide how to respond, perceive, define, believe, and present ourselves to others. There are many things we are not in control of – empowerment often resides in seeing clearly and taking responsibility for the choices we can make. I feel my role as a therapist is to ask questions, be curious and draw out the power of each person’s own authority over their own lives.

I am a Holistic psychotherapist which means I believe in the interconnectedness of all aspects of your life. I have been trained in classic techniques and theories common to therapy standards, but also had added training in techniques addressing your body and physical symptoms and sensations, as well as focusing practices such as breathwork or meditation. I will do a Holistic Health Assessment with you to get an overview of the elements that may be impacting your mood and concerns. Sessions with me can include very practical solution-focused suggestions, traditional ways of working with communication skills and the connection between thoughts and behaviors, or possibly movement or visualization interventions. I am a certified Clincial Hypnotherapist so hypnotherapy can be a part of your therapy sessions. Together we will decide what works best for you.

I offer therapy sessions for individuals, couple’s therapy, or groups and retreats.