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Melissa Fritchle, MA

Holistic Psychotherapy & Couples Therapy

Sex Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Appointments available in the Santa Cruz area 831 471-5797

CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #46827

Workshops and Events

Your Relationship Renaissance Couples Retreats 2017

Are you yearning to recapture that early relationship energy, when time together felt charged and full of discovery? Passion comes from a sense of the new – joyful risk and exploration. A relationship renaissance can be created at any time in your relationship. These workshops will inspire with creative practices with gifted teachers, who will guide you in learning about movement, yourself, and your partner. Have fun together and deepen your connection.

Workshops open to ALL COUPLES. GLBT, Kink and Poly Friendly, although workshops are designed to work with and strengthen one duo in partnership.

Connect With Yoga Workshop - Co-taught with Aimee Joy Nitzberg

January 13- 15 2017

Hosted at Pleasure Point Yoga in Santa Cruz, CA

Using Yoga as our catalyst, come explore and be in your bodies together. Learn about how you each give and receive, listen and express, push and surrender. Use mindfulness skills to expand your conversation in the present moment with a partner, here and at home. We will practice solo yoga, rituals for connection and shifting attention back to one another, and body-oriented communication. Relax and stretch yourselves. Solo yoga with some partner yoga. Beginning to advanced yoginis welcome.

About Aimee Joy Nitzberg : Founder and owner of Pleasure Point Yoga, Aimee Joy began practicing 17 years ago in Boulder, CO. Within the first year of practice she became a teacher and opened her first yoga studio in Burlington, VT in 2001. Native to Santa Cruz, she’s best known for blending lightheartedness and reverence into her teachings - inspiring her students to build a lifelong, balanced and supportive practice

$600 per Couple Register

Connect With Tango Workshop - Co-taught with Luis Garza & Devi Pride

February 10-12 2017

Hosted at The Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz, CA

Tango will inspire us to use our minds and bodies differently, exploring how you lead and follow, dynamics of connection and the challenge of learning new skills together. Tango is an energy-centered dance in which we can learn about subtle shifts and points of contact and expression. Work with non-verbal communication and physical closeness. Breath together, move together, and laugh. No dance experience required.

About Luis Garza & Devi Pride : Luis has 34 years of technical dance training as well as 8 years of martial arts training. Using his background in both art forms Luis excels in explaining dance in a way that anyone can understand. He has danced Argentine Tango for over 10 years and has taught for 6 years. Devi has danced her entire life, performing solo in Toronto Canada as well as being a part of dance troupes doing South African Gumboot, Stepping, Hip Hop as well as dancing Modern and Jazz and Tap. Devi found a new life in the world of social dancing, first with Salsa and then Argentine Tango 8 years ago. Together Luis and Devi host a weekly Tango event at the Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center in Santa Cruz.

$600 per Couple Register