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Melissa Fritchle, MA

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Unlike any other sex education you have had, The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook guides you to look to yourself for answers. Written by an experienced sex therapist and educator, this book gives you accurate foundational information about sex and sexual relationships, but it also provides you with questions and exercises to help you explore your own sexual history, values, and desires. Discover the richness and passion of your own unique and dynamic sexuality.

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What people are saying...

Illuminating, compelling and inspiring... this instilled new hope in me.

How refreshing to open to a whole new way of knowing myself.

Full of questions I had never contemplated before.

This peeled away layers that allowed me to be more intimate and passionate with my partner.

I love that I can define what optimal sexuality is for me!

Now I have more courage and honor myself and also to be more direct, open and also nonjudgmental in hearing other people’s sexual stories.

This is the perspective on sexuality I had been waiting for!