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Training with Conscious Sexual Self Workbook

Are you a healing professional who would like to use The Conscious Sexual Self Workbook with your clients? This rich resource can be used in many ways to open up conversation, healing and personal growth. Anyone can suggest that clients buy the book and work with it. But you can delve deeper by training with Melissa, the creator of Conscious Sexual Self, to gain ideas and insights into how to expand the workbook experience into an experiential experience using expressive arts, group dynamics, ritual and movement and more.

This training is open to any professional who works with healthy sexuality and healing. Melissa has trained psychotherapists, medical professionals, coaches, counselors, spiritual advisors, educators and others who are interested in promoting sex positivity. Requirements are: an openness to self-defining sexuality, professional ethical behavior including non-discrimination, curiosity and joy in exploration, and a willingness to embrace your own personal growth.

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