Transformational Pleasure

By Melissa Fritchle LMFT Holistic Sex Therapist and Educator


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2018-09-25 What is Passion?
2017-09-16 Emotions and Sex : Can Sex be a Place to Express How you Feel?
2017-05-10 Was it good for YOU?
2017-03-15 Up The Intensity - Using Breath & Sound
2016-02-23 From Start to Finish
2016-02-03 Why Do We Dis the Orgasm?
2016-01-12 Making It New
2015-10-21 Seduction Techniques Not Working For You?
2015-08-27 Passion Wanted, Apply Within
2015-07-15 Talking Dirty
2015-05-27 Devouring Passion
2015-05-06 Advice Overload Won't Help
2015-01-28 GroundHog's Day in the Bedroom?
2014-12-29 I will have an ecstatic year
2014-12-17 What Emotions Are OK in Sex?
2014-11-25 Express Your Gratitude, Sensually
2014-10-29 The Freedom Within a Costume
2014-10-15 Turned On To Touch
2014-09-09 The Gifts of Giving & Receiving
2014-04-30 Kegels are for Everyone!
2014-03-12 Handcuffs, and Strap-ons and Butt Plugs – Oh My!
2014-02-27 Ode to Lube
2014-01-14 Sex While Skinny
2013-12-21 What I Hope You Get This Year
2013-11-14 The Computer Mood Lighting Setting is Not Working
2013-11-06 For Condoms to Work, We Have to Use Them
2013-10-22 Spooky Desire
2013-09-12 Remember the thrill of "second base"?
2013-07-30 Play the Part
2013-06-04 Invitation to a New Perspective
2013-05-07 Practice to be... as you are
2013-04-29 Best Sex You Ever Had
2013-04-18 Your Mission = Explore Yourself
2013-02-25 popular video - who is responsible for your orgasm?
2013-02-19 The Eroticism of Smells
2013-01-21 Trouble Orgasming with a Partner - What does masturabation have to do with it?
2013-01-11 Sex Lives in Residential Care
2013-01-04 Wildness
2012-10-25 Why does wearing a costume feel so sexy ?

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2012-08-14 Mini workshop - Building Your Sexual Fire - August 20

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2012-10-12 New Video Released for Ask an Expert
2012-07-17 Welcome! Let's explore...

RSShealthy relationships (42)

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2017-01-30 Opening Up Your Relationship : Questions to Ask Yourself
2016-12-07 What AM I Feeling?
2016-11-02 Beauty Wants to Be Noticed
2016-06-15 Time to Grieve
2016-05-18 Gestures of Peace When You Are Angry
2016-03-16 The Risk of Having What You Want
2016-02-17 Falling Out of Love
2015-11-24 The People Who Shape You
2015-11-10 Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?
2015-08-18 Intimacy Does Not Equal Great Sex
2015-06-16 This Thing We Call Integrity
2015-03-11 Fixing Broken Things
2015-02-04 Getting Comfortable With Uncomfortable
2014-12-09 Commiting to Monogamy - What does it Take?
2014-11-05 Chasing Happiness
2014-09-17 Life Envy
2014-08-12 Remind Me Who I Am
2014-07-23 Get the Most Out of Couple's Therapy
2014-06-17 "Kill Your Darlings"
2014-04-23 Is masturbation instinctual?
2014-03-05 The Most Important Thing To Tell Kids About Sex - But We Aren't
2014-02-18 Great Expectations
2014-01-28 Celibates & Sex Therapy
2014-01-07 The Challenge of Stillness
2013-11-26 Harvest What Is There For You
2013-11-19 Time To Listen
2013-10-08 Guilt Versus Shame
2013-09-24 Not Sleeping Together, Having Sex Together
2013-09-03 Tuesday is Blue Underwear Day
2013-08-13 Unbreak My Heart : How to Start Over
2013-08-06 Being loved
2013-07-23 Sexual Attraction is not a Bad Thing
2013-06-19 New Relationship Energy : Also known as crazy-time?
2013-06-11 The invitation of compersion
2013-04-23 Wake up with screen-free week
2013-03-27 Yin of Love
2013-03-20 Commiting to Monogamy : What does it take?
2013-01-31 New article for YourTango on Open Relationships
2012-12-11 Secrets versus Privacy
2012-12-03 Opening Up Your Relationship : First Questions to Ask Yourself
2012-09-19 The tricky business of change
2012-08-06 Enthusiasm

RSShealthy sexuality (46)

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2019-05-13 Masturbation is Great...For Your Partnered Sex!
2019-01-23 Pleasure : Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It
2016-11-30 The Pleasures of Winter Sex
2016-10-05 Dear Medical Doctors -
2016-09-20 Is it No? Is it Maybe?
2016-09-14 Uncontrolled versus Out of Control
2016-06-22 My Breasts Are Not Telling You Anything About Me
2016-05-10 May All Beings Have Pleasure
2016-05-04 Rock That Muumuu!
2016-04-12 What is Passion?
2016-03-29 Circulation, Hormones, and Pleasure
2016-03-01 Low Desire...for what exactly?
2016-01-19 What I Wish We Told Boys About Their First Time
2015-12-01 Noisy Opinionated Ghosts
2015-11-04 More of What Makes My Head Explode
2015-10-07 Pain or Intense Sensation?
2015-08-11 What Do Humans Look Like?
2015-08-05 Just Sitting Here Wanting To Have Sex - Or Not
2015-07-23 Warning : Hazardous To Your Sex LIfe
2015-07-01 Do You Have Sexual Independence?
2015-05-20 ADHD & Sex
2015-05-13 How to Want
2015-05-13 How to Want
2015-04-29 Resistance to Consent
2015-04-22 Sweet Contact...and Separation
2015-04-15 Sexual Chemistry - Should You Have to Work at it?
2015-04-07 Myth Busting : Men vs Women Edition
2015-03-26 Sexy or Just Painful?
2015-03-18 Making it Easier to Talk About Sex
2015-02-24 Creating a Body-Positive Home For Your Kids
2015-01-21 Creating What We Expect
2014-12-17 What Emotions Are OK in Sex?
2014-12-03 Modern Moralizing?
2014-09-30 Hungry Ghosts
2014-08-19 Ready to Let It All Hang Out? – Sexual Hygiene on the Playa
2014-08-07 Ready to Get Conscious?
2014-07-29 You Can Get Help For Sexual Pain
2014-07-17 Be There For The Best Sex You Will Have
2014-07-09 Mommy Will You Marry Me?
2014-07-02 Sexual Independence
2014-06-24 Discarded : Information About Foreskin
2014-06-10 Dating Profile : Tech Savvy, Sexually Responsible
2014-06-04 Sexual Taboos : Sex & Menstruation
2014-04-30 Kegels are for Everyone!
2014-04-15 Can I Ruin Myself?
2014-04-09 I'll Show You Mine...

RSSjournaling prompts (9)

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2013-09-20 Journaling Prompt - What Sexy means
2013-05-21 Journaling Prompt : Your Genitals & You
2013-03-04 Journaling Prompt : Early Ideas of Love
2013-02-12 Journaling Prompt - Love Lessons
2012-12-26 Journaling Prompt : When do you feel attractive?
2012-11-16 Journaling Prompt - Body Gratitude
2012-10-03 Journaling Prompt : Erotic Poem
2012-08-27 Journaling Prompt : Wisdom of Role Models
2012-07-27 Journaling Prompt : Summer Sensuality

RSSself exploration (10)

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2019-03-26 Now is the Time to Love Hard
2016-03-08 What We Tell Ourselves About The Inevitable
2015-10-28 Shadow Impulses
2015-07-07 Nothing Wasted
2015-06-03 Move That Body
2014-11-12 You as a Sexual Partner
2013-12-30 Claim Your Body In 2014
2013-08-20 Sex with Yourself : Indulge in Juicy
2013-07-10 Shameless
2012-11-09 What Belongs to You - Questions to Ponder

RSSsex in the news (17)

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2016-11-10 What a Trump presidency means for sexual health & sexual rights
2016-10-11 Your Shocked Outrage is Pissing Me Off
2016-06-07 "Twenty Minutes of Action"
2015-10-14 Being Out...
2014-09-24 Desire in a pill?
2014-03-25 The Rainbow Party Phenomena
2013-12-10 How Do We Teach Sexual Respect?
2013-10-15 Not so Fast - Think Twice About Products for Early Ejaculation
2013-10-01 Things We Shouldn't Talk About
2013-08-28 A Lifetime of Sexy?
2013-07-02 Tides Do Turn
2013-05-14 Happy Distractions
2013-03-13 Happy Steak and Blowjob Day
2013-02-06 Are we forgetting how to really know another person - on virtual relationships
2012-12-16 Mormon's New Stance
2012-09-28 Good News for Global Queer Community
2012-08-21 Lies and Misinformation

RSSsex in TV/movies (3)

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2014-10-21 Playing Out Our Sexual Fears Throughout Eternity
2014-05-20 The Right To Be Seen
2014-05-13 We Need a Body to Feel

RSSsexual diversity (7)

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2015-06-23 What I Want, What You Want, What We Want
2014-09-03 Sacred Sex for Atheists
2014-04-02 Sex & the Sacred
2014-03-19 Do You Have a Type?
2014-01-28 Celibates & Sex Therapy
2013-07-16 Kink is a Spectrum..& you are probably on it
2013-04-03 Growing Out of Two Options

Uncategorized (9)

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2019-06-26 Riding Intensity
2019-02-12 Ever-Present Gift
2019-02-05 Want More Sex? - Plan for it.
2019-01-07 What We Are Facing & How We Face It
2018-08-01 Getting Beyond "Its Complicated" - What Does it Mean When Someone Says They are Poly?
2017-04-05 An Invitation, A Reminder, A Prayer...
2017-02-07 Opening Up Your Relationship Part 2: How To Talk to Your Partner About It
2015-12-09 Keep the Holidays Sexy!
2013-10-29 Are We Free to Be our Fantasy Selves?


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